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Installation/Vanity Top

1. Before installing vanity top inspect it thoroughly. If you find any defects contact your dealer immediately and do not install the top. Our warranty does not cover installation costs.

2. Check to make sure the vanity cabinet is level and square. If cabinet is not, the vanity top will not fit properly against the back and sidewalls.


3. Dry fit the top. The top should overhang the cabinet on all open ends and fit against the back and sidewalls. If it does not fit properly top may need to be cut or sanded using a skill saw with masonry blade or belt sander with coarse belt.

4. If you are removing an edge 3/16-1/4 inches, use a belt sander with 36x grit sandpaper. Do your sanding in a well-ventilated area. If you are removing 1/2 inches or greater piece of material, use a masonry blade in a skill saw. Always cut from the backside. Start cutting at the backsplash and move towards the front of top. Be sure the edge you are cutting will fit against the wall, as this raw edge will be very porous.


5. After the dry fit, remove the top and install the drain and faucets using the manufacture’s instructions. Since our tops do not have an overflow choose a drain that does not have the overflow holes. Use mildew resistant 100% silicone under the drain flange. The excess will be squeezed out around the flange when the assembly is tightened. Wipe excess away with soft cloth. It is IMPORTANT that you do not over tighten the drain. Do not exceed one turn past hand tight.


6. NOTICE- Due to the expanding and contacting of the cast polymer material we recommend water temperature does not exceed 120 degrees. The combination of water higher than the recommended temperature and an over tightened drain can cause cracking around the drain area over time


7. Place a 1”-2” bead of 100% silicone in from each comer on the cabinet and at 12” intervals across the front and back. Set the vanity top into position and press down onto the cabinet.


8. Seal the areas where the top meets the wall with a bead of mildew resistant 100% silicone.


9. Connect drain assembly and water lines.


10. Enjoy your new cast polymer top! With proper installation and care your top will provide you with many years of service.

*Installation instructions are for Marble and Granite materials.

Side Relief Tabs for Out-of Square Wall Applications

1. Installer only has to sand the tabs if a wall is out of square instead of the whole top.


2. Add 1/2” to the length of the top.


3. Side splash(es) are required to cover the gap left by the relief tab. Indicate on the order which side you would like the relief on. 
Only available on 3/4” thick custom tops. No extra upcharge.

vanity installation drawing.png
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