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Installation/Wall Panels

1. Be sure the surface you are attaching the panels to are free from dirt, dust and other foreign matter.


2. Determine the wall panel height and draw a level line around the top.


3. If your panels have a finished edge (slightly rounded) align the panels accordingly. All cutting and 
sanding must be done on the edge fitting against the wall.


4. Install shower wall panels in this order:
       • Ceiling panel (i
f needed)
       • Back panel
       • Side panels


5. Measuring, fitting, and cutting are generally necessary to install shower wail panels. Make sure panel is well supported before drilling or cutting. Short cuts can be made with a jigsaw and fine tooth blade or RotoZip and the correct bit. Long cuts can be made with a circular saw and masonry blade. Be sure to make all cuts on the backside of the panel to avoid chipping or scratching the surface. Holes for plumbing can be made using a hole saw and drill motor. Sanding or filing may be needed for the best possible fit Be careful when cutting material. Do not allow it to vibrate; vibration may lead to snapping or breaking of the panel.



6. Clean dust from the back of the panel using mineral spirits or paint thinner. Immediately wipe spills from the finished surface. Dry fit panels before applying adhesive.


7. Place a bead of mildew resistant 100% silicone at the bottom where the wall panel will sit. Apply construction adhesive liberally to the back of the panel and put Into place. After installing panels, you can brace them with 2x4’s to hold them in place overnight until adhesive cures. Be sure to place cardboard between boards and panels to protect the finish. Wipe off any excess silicone or adhesive.


8. After braces are removed, apply mildew resistant 100% silicone to all seams. Allow to cure 24 hours before using.


9. Panels may be kept clean by using a mild detergent or shower spray. Avoid abrasive cleaners.


10. Enjoy your new cast polymer panels! With proper installation and care your panels will provide you with many years of service.


*Installation instructions are for Marble or Granite materials.

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