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Installation/Shower Base

1. Our shower bases are made to fit against the wall studs. Make a rough opening 1/2” larger than the shower dimensions. If waterproof board is already in place it must be cut for the base to fit properly. DO NOT drill holes in the flange to attach base to wall studs.


2. Check threshold to ensure it is level or tips slightly towards the inside of the base. Place shower base in desired location and mark hole in floor to cut drain. Hint-cut drain hole a little larger to easily accept drain when setting into place. Check base to make sure it is level. If you need to level place shims under the base to achieve this. Tack shims to the floor, remove the base and attach drain assembly to bottom of the base. Use mildew resistant 100% silicone to seal drain. Place enough mortar mix on floor to level base. Put shower base back into place and move it around until it sits on your shims. Shower base must be supported evenly and not move when you step into it. When mortar dries you may remove your shims.



3. Install waterproof board so it sits on top of the flange on the showerbase.


4. When installing wall panels or tile be sure to have them sit on the base floor or on top lip of single pour base unit.


5. Base may be kept clean by using mild detergent or shower spray. Avoid abrasive cleaners.


6. Apply trim piece after installation of base and flooring using a clear or translucent silicone.


7. Enjoy your new cast polymer shower base. With proper installation and care your base will provide you with many years of service.

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