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The following information is for Al-Co Products Inc dealers, customers, and installers. It lists some of the most common types of Cultured Stone damage, explains the causes, and suggests some simple steps to help prevent them. Please read this page carefully.

Chipped and Scratches Surfaces

After installation the flat surface of the vanity top is a tempting place to set tools, toolboxes and other hard objects which can scratch the surface. Almost all chipping occurs during construction or remodeling around an unprotected top. The only thing that really has to be installed after the vanity top would be a wall mirror that touches the top of the backsplash. Always cover the surface of the Cultured Stone vanity top after installation until the work in the bathroom is completed.

Bowing or Warping of Vanity Top

After installation the flat surface of the vanity top is a tempting place to set tools, toolboxes and other his is always caused by incorrect support given to the product. Cultured Stone is not 100% rigid. The same raw materials that helps make our products more resistant to breakage also allows them to be able to bend over a period of time if not supported properly. Bowing or warping problems generally occur when the top is allowed to sit out of its box with no support, or if the box is placed where it does not sit flat on the ground.

Leave your Cultured Stone vanity top in its box until just before installation on a properly installed cabinet


This is caused when fresh air cannot reach the surface of the Cultured Stone. New products need a few months to completely cure, and during this time they should be out in the open. When the vanity top, shower panel, shower base, or sidesplash, etc. is left in the box or protective packaging for an extended time before installation, the lack of oxygen can cause the item to appear slightly yellow. For the first few months after the top is installed you should also move cups, soap dishes etc. around so they do not sit in the same spot for an extended period of time. Install top as quickly as possible after delivery.

Burns on the Surface

The major causes of this are excessive heat from curling irons, flat irons or candles. After a while the heat from the iron could discolor the Cultured Stone surface, and a bare metal curling iron stand can get hot enough to soften the surface and make little pits. Candles in a glass jar that are placed directly on the vanity top surface and allowed to burn down all the way can get hot enough to also discolor surface. Place curling iron on a trivet or similar item and Never use a candle without a protective base.

Cracking Near the Drain Area

Due to the expanding and contacting of the Cultured Stone material we recommend hot water temperature does not exceed 120 degrees. The combination of water higher than the recommended temperature and an over tightened drain can cause cracking around the drain area over time. Use mildew resistant 100% silicone under the drain flange. The excess will be squeezed out around the flange when the assembly is tightened. Wipe excess away with soft cloth.

It is IMPORTANT that you do not over tighten the drain. Do not exceed one turn past hand tight.


Repair of Cultured Stone Products

Any repair on your top not caused by manufacturing defect will be $50.00 per hour plus mileage from Al-Co Products to job site repair. Prices subject to change without notice.

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